The Valley Island.

Once home to a thriving commercial whaling port, Maui has gracefully blended its past and present to create a destination rich in culture and varied in possibilities.  From the Iao Valley State Park and the serene beauty of the Hana Coast to the excitement of Kaanapali Beach, the upscale Wailea Resort and the strip in Lahaina Town, Maui has become a popular resort destination.


To finish of a  holiday on the Hawaiian islands, it might be an idea to end it on Maui when you like to relax and enjoy the sun.

Here are some ideas what you can do on this beautiful island, by day or night.

hana01.jpg (63960 bytes) Road to Hana   mapmaui.gif (36707 bytes) Bike down a volcano   lahai01.jpg (46683 bytes) Laheina

Again there is the possibility to see the island from the air, have a look at: