Mann's Theatre opened over 70 years ago, and has since been the place of many Gala Hollywood premieres. Millions of visitors gather here each year, drawn by its legendary forecourt with its footprints of the stars.   The theatre can be  seen in a few movies itself, like  "Singing in the Rain," and  "Speed".

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While the forecourt of Chinese Theatre was to small for all Hollywood heroes, The Walk Of Fame was created in 1960, with 2500 empty stars.   About 2150 have been filled so far.

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Other significant places at Hollywood Boulevard are "The Roosevelt Hotel", founded in 1927. One of the founders was Douglas Fairbanks.   "El Captitan Theatre" build in 1926 has been restored recently by The Walt Disney Company.  People like Clark Gable, Buster Keaton and Henry Fonda played in this theatre.  Another landmark is the "Frederick's of Hollywood" store.  A famous shop with lots of erotic surprises. 

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