A dream come thru for Abbot Kinney (1850-1920) The father of Venice California. He was the man who "build" Venice as "Coney island from the pacific". It all started with the plans for a big amusement park.   In 1904 the famous canals were dogged, but with the ever growing amount of cars, filled again in 1929 to make roads.  Between 1907 and 1927 Venice really was the "Coney island from the pacific" . During the sixties Venice and the canals were a haven for hippies and musicians, and in a way it still is.  A few of the "hippies" from that period you can still find on the boulevard of Venice these days.

The canals of Venice

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For more information about the history of the canals and Venice itself (with super photo's) go to: http://www.westland.net/venice/canals.htm   or  http://www.westland.net/venice/history.htm

Santa Monica Pier

Spending a day between Santa Monica pier and Venice beach, is one of the best things to do when in Los Angeles.

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Want to know how the weather in Venice and Santa Monica is right now: http://www.lainsider.com/shared/weather/city.html/CA/Santa+Monica?//YT

Venice boulevard

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If you want to know which films and television shows were shot in Venice have a look at: http://naid.sppsr.ucla.edu/venice/articles/movies.htm  

Muscle Beach Venice

When in Venice you must not forget to visit this workout studio, where people like Arnold Schwarzenegger use to work out.  Admire, or just be amused by the people who are "working out" in front of all the visitors.

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Wanna know more about Venice: http://venicebeach.com/

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